I'm a USYD student studying Law.


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I have recently completed my undergraduate degrees in Law and Commerce at the University of Sydney.

I will be admitted as a solicitor sometime in 2020 practicing in the areas of criminal law, administrative law and tax law.

I can help you to understand the basic concepts you need to excel in your law degree, while pushing you to work hard to achieve the results you deserve. My style will revolve around a lot of motivation and support, while imparting my knowledge and skills to give you the edge.

Different rates for groups will apply.

I will tutor from USYD, and possibly your home depending on the ease of access to your house.

Ranked 2nd in BUSS1002 out of 897 students
Ranked 3rd in ACCT1006 out of 438 students
HDs in BUSS1001, BUSS1020, BUSS1030, BUSS1040 and ACCT1006.
HDs in Criminal Law, Contracts, Legal Research and Defamation and Privacy.
Ds in FINC 2011, FINC2012, FINC3017, LAWS1014, CLAW1001, LAWS1017, FINC3012, FINC3013, FINC3014 and IBUS2101.




Jordan is a great tutor who helps me to achieve my goals for my law units. He analyses cases and legal issues so well, which makes it much more understandable and easy for me. I would definitely recommend him!

Rae, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Jordan helped me in Torts, Crim, and TC2. He was very good at explaining the nuances in case law and providing summaries. I highly recommend him as a tutor.

Owen, StudentVIP member
since July, 2018


Jordan helped me in Torts, Contracts, TC2 and crim. I have benefit a lot from his deep understanding of the legal issue and his clear expression when explaining to me. He can accurately spot the legal issue in a essay question and always offer helpful comments for the analysis and essay structure. Definitely helped me boost my essay marks.

Amelia, StudentVIP member
since April, 2015


Jordan helped me pass BUSS1001 last semester. I was not so confident about this subject, since there was a huge amount of referencing but Jordan was patient enough with me to help me go through every little detail of my assignments (the markers are harsh in this unit) and give me help for exam revision. BUSS1001 is one of the hardest units for a 1st year student and if I were after someone with advice and tips I'd recommend him.

Dave, StudentVIP member
since August, 2014

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