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I am a tutor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Melbourne.

I am currently doing master program, majoring in statistics in the University of Melbourne.

100 for MAST90082 Mathematical Statistics
99 for MAST90059 Stochastic Calculus
96 for MAST90084 Statistical Modelling
94 for MAST90019 Random Processes
96 for MAST90030 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
92 for MAST90085 Multivariate Statistical Techniques
92 for BINF90001 Statistics for Bioinformatics

--------------Bachelor -------------
100 for Modern Applied Statistics (Level 3)
100 for Group Theory Linear Algebra (Level 2)
99 for Statistics (Level 2)
93 for Probability for Inference (Level 3)
91 for Linear Statistical Models (Level 3)
96 for Complex Analysis (Level 3)

I know well about subjects' syllabus and what might be in the exam.

I am really passionated about math and science and did well in these subjects.

Feel free to ask me about math!
If you are in urgent, plz PM me your contact details.


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As a friend of Ron I have benefited (and still benefiting) from his help. I've gotten 97 in linear algebra and that's impossible without his constant help. He's very passionate about and talented in mathematics. With his down-to-earth approach, abstract ideas could become easy. He didn't only teach me how to solve math problems but also shared with me his study methods. I've seen him helping students reaching their goals either passing a subject or getting H1s! So definitely recommend him.

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since June, 2015

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