I'm a UniMelb student studying Health.


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Currently studying a Doctor of Medicine after graduating from Bachelor of Biomed in 2015. I have over 6 years of tutoring experience.

I achieved a 90+ average in all of my listed subjects and would love to help you by explaining concepts or providing notes. I am also able to go through the material and recount midsem/exam questions (i.e. tell you what you need to revise and what you don't). My 3rd year notes include actual questions in MSTs and exams.

My rates:
$60/hr for Skype tutoring or sessions at my home in Bulleen
$70/hr for sessions at State Library or at Uni.
Discounts apply for group sessions, just ask :)

My scores for offered subjects:
Biomolecules and cells: 92
Genes and environment: 95
Maths for Biomed: 97
Principles of Genetics: 99
Microbes: 92
MCB: 94
HSF: 90
M2M: 88
Locomotor: 91
Viscera: 94
Cardiovascular health: 85


English, some Mandarin


Monica is an excellent tutor for PHYS30001. She is very friendly and helpful, as well as willing to listen to what you have to say. She is also very responsible and very punctual. Her guidance and notes were very detailed and helpful. Due to her help and guidance I have achieved exceptional results in all my PHYS30001 assignments.

Siddhi, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Monica is a very knowledgable and friendly tutor. She explains concepts in simpler way and draws the connection across lectures to make me understand better. Her notes are also very helpful for revision as it highlights the important bits that you definitely need to know for assessments. Studying with Monica is like revising materials with a friend instead (who is much smarter than I am ofc), as the atmosphere in class is very friendly and relaxing. If you have travelling difficulties like I do, I find the Skype's lessons are great options and the experience is similar to meeting Monica in person too (maybe share your desktop screen to make things easier). I think with Monica's help and your effort to do well, decent scores are achievable :) !!

Ha My, StudentVIP member
since January, 2016


Monica was an excellent tutor for ANAT30008. She was flexible with her time, and had many tips and comprehensive notes to share. She was also very helpful in the lead up to MSTs and exams with handy mock questions to test my memory. in the end I was able to get a H1 for the subject thanks to her help so I highly recommend her.

Eileen, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015


Monica provided comprehensive and detailed notes for MCB that helped me save a lot of time throughout the semester. Her notes included all the examinable material that was said during lectures that weren't on the slides and all the diagrams you needed to memorise.

Cathy, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015


Friendly tutor and awesome notes.
Don't waste any more money buying textbooks, and don't waste any more time frantically writing down notes as the lecturer speaks - Monica's notes encompass all that you need to know.

Vuong, StudentVIP member
since August, 2014


Monica is an extremely helpful and knowledgable tutor who gives so much reliable information on ‘what small details that you’ll have to know’ in the tutorial sessions and in her notes. MCB is really a quite challenging subject not only because of its rich content, but also in terms of the depth (understanding the concepts) & range of small details involved in the MSTs & exams. Her help has significantly contributed my satisfactory performance- an H1 for MCB and H2A for Principles of Genetics. Not that you don’t have to study as much with her help- just that you’ll know how to spend your time wisely when revising.

She’s also very responsible and committed to help- by providing so much valuable material and always punctual to the sessions.

Nory, StudentVIP member
since March, 2014