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I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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Elevate your academic journey with an experienced tutor committed to excellence — a First Class Honours student from the University of Melbourne, offering comprehensive and expert guidance across a spectrum of business and economics subjects. My academic tenure is adorned with stellar achievements, including the accolade of Dux in Organisational Behaviour, a testament to my dedication and mastery of the subject matter. I bring to the table a rich and diverse knowledge base encompassing Sustainable Commerce, the intricate dynamics of Organisational Behaviour, the foundational tenets of Introductory Microeconomics, and the analytical rigour of Econometrics. My expertise is further bolstered by an in-depth understanding of Basic Econometrics, Principles of Finance, and Corporate Financial Decision Making, empowering me to equip my students with the skills to excel in the financial arena. Quantitative Methods 1 & 2 honed my analytical prowess, enabling me to unravel complex numerical data with ease — a skill I am eager to pass on to my students. Accounting Reports and Analysis is yet another area where my tutoring can illuminate the path to academic success, providing clear insights into the financial health of enterprises. My commitment to my students is unwavering. I am devoted to ensuring that each of my tutorees not only reaches but surpasses their academic goals, striving for first-class honours. I understand that each student possesses a unique intellectual canvas; hence, my approach is tailored, methodical, and empathetic — designed to foster a deep understanding and instill the confidence necessary to excel in academia and beyond. The journey to first-class honours is challenging but not insurmountable. With a personalised tutoring plan, consistent support, and the wisdom drawn from my own academic successes, I aim to transform daunting hurdles into stepping stones towards academic brilliance. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of your coursework, harnessing a strategic approach that has been refined through my own experiences of academic triumph. Your pursuit of first-class honours is not just a goal; it is an imminent reality.