Hi, I'm Kai!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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Hey all!

I'm Kai, I've been tutoring for the past five years and I'm currently tutoring for section III of the GAMSAT as well as various university subjects that I have achieved a H1 result in. I'm a third year Bachelor of Science student in a pharmacology major and have an 80+ WAM.

PHYS20009 - 93
PHYS20008 - 92
PHYC10008 - 88
PHRM20001 - 85
CHEM10003 - 85
BIOL10009 - 85
BIOL10001 - 84
CHEM10004 - 80
BCMB20005 - 80

GAMSAT Section 3 - 88 (99th percentile)
Through the techniques you will learn in our GAMSAT sessions, I was able to raise my score in section three by 14 from 74 to 88 (99th percentile) with an overall score of 78. In our sessions, we will work through curated sets of practice questions together.

Tutoring locations:
- On/near University of Melbourne Parkville Campus
- Online via zoom

- Diagnostics session: FREE
- 1 hour private session: $60
- 1 hour group session: $45/ student



I would definitely recommend Kai as a tutor! He's super knowledgable and explains concepts very thoroughly and in an easily understandable way. He helped me raise my score in section 3, from a 61 to 73!

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since February, 2022

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