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If you're studying Phase 1 medicine at UNSW and you're struggling with assignments, projects, or exams, look no further! I'm really experienced at doing well in Phase 1 and I believe I can really help you out. In my first year, I did not know how to study or answer exam questions which led to me failing 2 courses (I had to repeat those courses). Following such failures, I made a bunch of changes to my life and I have since been getting distinctions (and sometimes high distinctions) for my exams and consistently getting P+s for all my assignments. Once I proved to myself that I could do well, I decided to pursue hobbies and research, working as a paid research associate concurrently with my Phase 1 studies. What this means is, whether you're failing like I was in first year or not doing as well as you'd like, I can really help you out (provided you're willing to work hard for it). I don't think anyone knows Phase 1 medicine in UNSW better than I do. I can even help out for clinical skills! I am a very patient and holistic teacher, tailoring each session to your needs. My dedication to you won't be limited by the hour, you can text me at any time and I'll try and help out beyond our sessions. Honestly, my goal is to get you to the point of self-sufficiency whereby you won't need me anymore. I won't just hand you fish but I'll make sure you know how to fish for yourself! It's something every medical student needs to know. I'll do different rates for groups, $40/hour for 2 people, $50 for 3 people. Let me know if you have an even bigger group. I can tutor you online, at the university, or anywhere nearby the university. It's up to you! Looking forward to meeting you!