Hi, I'm Jin Yao!

I'm a Monash student studying Health.


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Jin Yao
Hello fellow biomed/science comrades! Feeling neglected by your lecturer or TA because they don’t reply to your questions? Ever spent 5 hours trying to process a 1 hour lecture? Needing to cram 10 weeks of content into SWOTVAC?

Fear not, because here I am to your rescue. Highly experienced procrastinator guaranteed to help you go from biomed zero to hero 🥵👌

My name is Scott and I am a fresh biomedical science graduate from Monash University🤓 figuring out what to do with life and my decent marks. So while I’m at it, I have decided to bestow upon you poor souls a plethora of knowledge and shortcuts to ace the biomedical sciences.

I can tutor most of the core biomedical science subjects and electives such as microbiology and pathology. My strengths are anatomy, developmental biology and pathology, having achieved 90+ in those units. *subtle flex cough cough* 🤧🤧 I also achieved the highest average mark for HUP3011 and HUP3022 in my cohort, and can confidently help you master those units too 😎😎

As a visual learner myself, my teaching style revolves around diagrams, images, flowcharts and mind-maps. This style of teaching/learning has gained me the most success in navigating subjects like anatomy, physiology and molecular biology. Nonetheless, I’ll gladly adapt my teaching style to your learning. I value a work smart > work hard approach to teaching/learning and can help with:

🦾 Explaining lecture content and making sure you understand all the fundamentals you need to succeed
🦾 Making sure that you are able to APPLY core theories in problem solving, which will help with assignments and tests
🦾 Proofreading and providing feedback

Lessons are currently offered online via zoom for convenience. For those that prefer face to face teaching, I am open to teaching at Monash University in a library or public study spaces. We can come up with a compromise based on our location.

I also offer group sessions:
💸 I charge $35 per person for groups of 2-3
💸 $25 for groups of 4 or more

Let me know if you’re interested and we can set up a quick complimentary session (sounds like stonks to me 📈) to introduce ourselves, manage expectations, discuss a study plan, navigate our teaching and learning styles etc.


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