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I'm a QUT student studying Science.


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Lachlan whiteford
My name is Lachlan and I am a young and passionate member of QUT studying a bachelor of science majoring in Environmental Science. I began studying for this degree out of high school as I had such an interest and passion for ecology and the environment.

My teaching style will genuinely depend on the demands and requirements of the student as I understand that each individual will have their own expectations and requirements from a tutoring session. I am personally a creative and visual person, so I definitely try to incorporate that into study to make it more interesting and enhance the learning experience. Incorporating this with some form of memory recall each time I have found most effective for installing information in long-term memory. In addition, I also understand that everyone takes a different amount of time to understand and comprehend information so I find it important to go at a pace that gives the student time to understand without becoming overwhelmed, whilst still getting through sufficient amounts of work. I find this particularly important and effective as it allows a safe environment for the student to either learn or excel depending on their progress through the content.

Tutoring will occur primarily on campus (GP or KG), however, special considerations can be made to use either the student's house or my own home. Please note this may slightly alter hourly prices, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis if required.

The hourly rate stated ($35) is for individual study sessions, however, study groups of up to four people (excluding myself) are more than welcome, with an extra $5 charge per hour for each additional member.

Some course codes on this website have not been updated, so please go off of the course name instead. I have also completed:
-EVB302 Environmental Pollution