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Hello! I am Kloe :) I am a proud graduate of a Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours) from Griffith University. I currently am working as an Assessment Coordinator at AEIOU Foundation for children with autism (conducting standardised assessments and writing clinical based reports). During my degree I received academic commendations for each of my 4 years of study, so I am very equip to assist you through your journey! I have always been very passionate about psychology and learning, and am planning to complete my clinical masters in the coming year.

I am offering tutoring services including one-to-one support with course content, assessment structuring/planning, and proofreading final drafts. In my current role I proofread clinical reports everyday so I practice great attention to detail, and know the APA manual like the back of my hand.

Proofreading/assessment feedback - $40/hr
- this will include me proofreading your assignment, and checking it compared to the criteria sheet provided. I will offer feedback and suggestions, as well as edit minor errors (e.g., grammar/spelling). I use track changes to proofread, so you will be able to see what changes I make (I can also teach you how to use track changes). Please allow 1-2 days for feedback to be provided for proofreading (do not send to me night of the assignment due date).

Assessment Planning - $40/hr (Zoom only)
- this will consist of us having a session to unpack the criteria of your assignment and develop a structure for how you will complete your assignment (getting started is usually the hardest part!). We can look at each element of what is required so that you have a full understanding of your assignment.

I am also happy to have sessions where we run through any course content that you may be struggling with, which will be at the same rate of $40/hr (Zoom only), however adjusted to whatever time is needed. You will need to come with content you would like to cover/questions that we can go over. As I am not your lecturer, I don't know what content you are covering.

I am happy to work with you, and adjust where I can to peoples individual schedules but please keep in mind that I have my own work commitments (full time working week) and therefore I require notice in advance.