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ASSIGNMENT and EXAM Assistance | 1st class Hons with University Medal | PhD Cambridge University | Very responsive

I specialise in SPSS, R studio and Python, specifically machine learning, econometrics, statistics for psychology and biostatistics. I received my PhD in statistics and maths from the University of Cambridge in 2017. I was a professor from 2018-2020 and am now a full time freelancer. I am a patient tutor who is very passionate about statistics and mathematics and keen to help students work through their problems and exercises. I can help by working through the problems you are struggling with including assignment, quiz and exam problems. The rate listed is the starting rate. Rates for more advanced subjects (such as machine learning) are higher. Please contact me at any time. I reply to most messages IMMEIDATELY and all messages in at most 6 hours!

I can help with the following topics:

SPSS, Tableau, Power BI, IBM Analytics, R Studio, Rstudio, R Markdown, R, R Shiny, Rshiny, R Commander, Jamovi, Jupyter Notebook, Stata, SPSS Modeler, Hayes PROCESS Macro, AMOS, LISREL, SmartPLS, CMA, JASP, BAT, Stan, ProMeta, OpenMeta, Review Manager, RevMan, MedCalc, Gpower, G power, G-power, Gretl, S-plus, Mplus, SAS, Eviews, Minitab, Excel, Prism, BUGS, Winbugs, Openbugs, MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, AMPL, AMPLdev, Sage, Magma, Python, ArcGIS, GIS, Simult8, @Risk, PsychToolbox, XLSTAT, PSPP, SOFA, MaxStat, Statistical Lab, Develve, DataMelt, Octave, Dataplot, SciPy, Zelig, OpenStat, Past, MacAnova, Salstat, Statcato, MicrOsiris, Ploticus, ViSta, StatCVS, InVivoStat, Weka, Winpepi, JAGS, Pandas, Numpy, pymc3, matplotlib, sklearn, tensorflow, ggplot, ggplot2, Perl, Scilab, Torch, Analytica, GAUSS, Genedata, GenStat, GLIM, GraphPad, JMP, LIMDEP, MaxStat Pro, NCSS, PASS, Plotly, RapidMiner, RATS, SHAZAM, Simul, SigmaStat, StatCrunch, Statistica, Systat, Unistat, WarpPLS, Wolfram alpha, SigmaXL, XLfit, Data Analysis Toolpak, LaTeX

Statistics for Psychology and Social Sciences, Biostatistics, Survival Analysis, Epidemiology, Medical Statistics, Population and Disease Modelling, Statistics in Economics, Research Methods, Quantitative Methods, Qualitative analysis, Thematic Analysis, Content Analysis, Grounded Theory, Optimisation, Optimization, Linear Programming, Portfolio Theory, Game Theory, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Calculus, Options Pricing, Asset Pricing, Black Scholes Formula, Volatility Modeling, Probability, Econometrics, Engineering Maths, Numerical Methods, C, C#, C++, Java, Discrete Maths, Maths for Computer Science, Real and Complex Analysis, Measure Theory, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Linear Algebra, Algebra, Calculus, Multivariate Calculus, Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations, PDE, ODE, Geostatistics, Spatial Statistics

GMAT, GRE, A-level, O-level, GCSE, STEP, HSC, IB, SAT, AP

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Clustering, Classification, Discriminant Analysis, k-Means Clustering, Logistics Regression, Random Forest, K-Nearest Neighbors, KNN, Gradient Boosted Decision Trees, L1 and L2 Regularisation, Cross-validation, Bootstrapping, Jackknife techniques, Expectation Maximisation, EM, Support Vector Machines, SVM, Big Data, Bayesian Inference, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, AI, Data Mining, Data Scraping, Data Wrangling, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Singular Value Decomposition, SVD

Mediation, Moderation, PLS, Path Analysis, Multi-level modelling, Multilevel Models, SEM, Regression, Stepwise, GLM, GMM, Time Series, GARCH, EGARCH, ARIMA, ARDL, Vector Autoregression Models, VAR, Cointegration, Unit Root Test, Hedging, European and American Calls and Puts, the Greeks, Captial Asset Pricing Model, CAPM, the Gravity Model, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals, Prediction Intervals, Credible Sets, MANOVA, ANCOVA, ANOVA, t tests, F tests, Chi square tests, Parametric Tests, Non-parametric Tests, Survival Analysis, Factor Analysis, EFA, CFA, PCA, Cluster Analysis, Experimental Design, Monte Carlo Simulation, Markov Chains, MCMC, Martingales, Simulations, Algorithms, Visualisation, Visualization, Nash Equilibrium, Cryptography, Galois Theory, Elliptic Curves, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Ordinary Least Squares, OLS, Ridge Regression, Instrumental Variables, IV, Two-Stage Least Squares, 2SLS, Generalised Least Squares, GLS, General Linear Model, GLM, Generalised Method of Moments, GMM, Fixed and Random Effects, Difference in Difference, DiD, Hedonic Analysis, Log-linear Models, Limited Dependent Variables, Panel Data, Reshaping data, Stratification, Kaplan-Meier Plots, Hazard and Odds Ratios, Reliability, Validity testing, Cronbach's Alpha, Experimental Design, Psyc Toolbox, Power Analysis for Sample Size Selection, Clinical Trials

Metaanalysis, Meta-analysis, Meta analysis, Forest plots, Funnel plots, Heterogeneity, Cochran Review, Systematic Review, Homogeneity, Sensitivity

Physics, Mechanics, Engineering, Computer Science, Computing, Programming, Accounting, Finance, Valuation, Actuarial studies, Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Stats for Psychology and Nursing

APA formatting, Lab reports, Proofreading, Editing, Interpretation of Results in plain English



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