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Hi, My name is Dharam Deol and I am a current student at the University of Melbourne undertaking a Bachelor of Science Undergraduate Degree. I specialise in Mathematics and Physics fields, achieving first class honours in all the subjects I offer but can also provide valuable help with some commerce subjects too, which I took as breadth subjects. I graduated from the number 1 high school in Australia, Haileybury College with a ATAR of 98.65, with scaled study scores of 50/50 for Specialist Mathematics, 51/50 for Mathematical Methods and 48/50 for Physics. Being a recent student in all the subjects I offer means I have a very good memory of all topics and tricks in each subject and can help teach those tips to thrive through the course.

I can help students to not only know their material, but to understand the underlying concepts of each topic to have a complete sense of knowledge of the subject. I have many different methods of teaching, meaning I can suit anyone's learning methods and styles with comprehending their material. I teach them to independently work themselves through any given task, while leading them in the right direction. This not only helps them become familiar with the given questions, but it will cause them to be able to attack questions in the future by themselves confidently.

Teaching will take place on Zoom if interested :)




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