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I'm a Monash student studying Arts.


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Hey! I am a third-year student, currently completing a double-degree in Law and Arts, majoring in Literary Studies and Sociology. I can offer assistance for students enrolled in ATS1904 (Reading the City) and ATS1365 (Introduction to Sociology) having achieved 85 and 88 in these units respectively. I am also an experienced VCE tutor and have lectured at schools across Victoria.

I help with the following:
- Going through the set texts and reading with you (content sessions)
- Discussion-based sessions (engaging with the readings or analysing literary texts)
- Providing with guidance on assessment tasks
- Providing comprehensive and detailed feedback on your research assignments
- Offline tutoring/email tutoring (written feedback, tips and content written and communicated via Google Doc)

I am really passionate about these subjects, and will go above and beyond to prepare for the sessions so we can engage with the readings in the most meaningful ways!

My research essay in ATS1904 (88%) was used by the faculty as a sample essay for future cohorts (top 5), and I received 96% for my sociology essay.

I am available for ad hoc sessions/semi-regular sessions and can tutor over Zoom (or in Kew). Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss what will work best for you.


Vietnamese, English


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