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Hi everyone! I'm new to StudentVIP but have been tutoring for over 5 years. Currently completing my PhD and lovin' it! I love meeting new people, and am passionate about teaching. I specialise in online assessment prep and unpacking difficult concepts into their core simple ideas.

I have always appreciated the profound impact my professors and teachers have made on my personal, academic, and professional life. Now, as a teacher myself, I hope to have the same kind of positive effect on my pupils.

I value education highly, as my family has a strong teaching tradition and I make a priority of gaining, keeping, and developing knowledge. I believe that a well-rounded education helps you develop as a person because you are able to integrate your knowledge with your understanding of the world around you and take a holistic approach to life. I strive to focus on these ideals when tutoring, so that your learning increases your ability and self-worth.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, embroidery, and Sudoku puzzles. I also like spending time outdoors, bike riding, watching soccer, and exploring both nature and cities.


English, Japanese and a little bit of Spanish


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