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Hey guys! My name is Jerry and I'm currently a 2nd year student at USyd, majoring in International Relations and Law. I love both of these areas and would like to impart some of that energy and enthusiasm to help make your uni journey more enjoyable!

Subjects I tutor:
GOVT1621 (Intro to IR) - 91
GOVT1641 (Intro to Politics) - 89
CLAW1001 (Foundations of Business Law) - 91
LAWS1014 (Civil and Criminal Procedure) - 85
LAWS1015 (Contracts) - 87

My teaching style:
- Help you develop critical thinking! This phrase is too often thrown around haphazardly in examiner's comments, but I will provide the specific tips that has worked for me in getting HDs in the past.
- Ensure that you are caught up with the course content and answer any questions you might have! It's always difficult to ask tutor questions (particularly in these trying times) but I will try my best to answer questions and conceptualize ideas in a more straightforward way!
- Suggest further reading material that has helped me in getting the grades I did and which I think would be helpful in elucidating some of the trickier concepts that tutors often skim through.
- Prepare you with essay writing tips! It's very hard to gauge the "right" way of writing an essay, particularly when you're a first-year student, but it's actually really easy if you know the tricks! I will provide examples and help you navigate this criterion so that you'll always ace it in your assignments!
- Proofread and provide detailed feedback on your essays according to the given criteria.

What I won't do:
- Do your assignment for you (in whole or in part). This is a violation of university practices and will lead to serious trouble for both sides, so best avoid it altogether :)))

About me & Teaching arrangements:
- My native languages are English and Vietnamese, and I am relatively fluent in Japanese (so could help with that if it comes up)!
- I'm currently overseas right now, so unfortunately everything will have to be online :(( I'm OK teaching via Skype, Zoom, Discord or Messenger.
- Due to the amount of prep required, my fee is $90/hour. However, discounts may be available for groups and/or multiple (>3) sessions per week upon further negotiation.
- Proofread and feedback is $50/paper, but if verbal feedback and discussion is required tthan the fee will be the standard $90.
- Cancellations should be made 12hrs in advance (cancellations within 12 hrs will incur a 50% surcharge)

I look forward to helping you in your uni studies! If you're interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to discuss things further.


English (native), Vietnamese (native), Japanese (intermediate)


Jerry is a great tutor! He helped me prepare for Civil and Criminal Procedure final, he has great patience, structured thinking, and many useful exam tips! Go with him and you will pass

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