Hi, I'm Travis!

I'm a Newcastle student studying Health.


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Hi there!
My name is Travis, I have just recently completed a bachelor of medicine at the university of Newcastle and would love to share all of the interesting things that I've learned throughout this journey with you.
I dropped out of high school at the end of year 10 because I really wasn't interested in learning. After a chance meeting with a particularly engaging member of the medical faculty, I became inspired to learn everything I could about... well everything. I recognised that I was at a disadvantage when I was accepted into medical school because I had no idea how to learn. I spent the first 3 years of the degree learning all about how to learn. Empowered by my newfound interest in the psychology of learning, I was able to leverage my insatiable thirst for learning to expand my knowledge base to novel subjects such as philosophy, psychology and science. So whilst my formal education is limited to a medical degree, I have spent untold hours grappling with content from multiple disciplines. I'm definitely an information junkie and I am particularly passionate about science and philosophy.
I am set to commence work as a junior doctor in Newcastle in 2022, but I have learned the only thing I love as much as learning (not including my miniature poodle) is sharing my knowledge with others! So I plan to continue tutoring throughout my internship and speciality training.
Outside of being a proud nerd, I love playing and watching sport. I've been involved in boxing and rugby league all of my life, and they continue to be interests of mine.
I'm very easy to speak to and I get along with pretty much everyone.

When it comes to tutoring sessions, I'm very flexible with my approach and will work to facilitate whatever learning experience the student desires (e.g. I can basically monologue my way through a session like a lecturer or I can facilitate a discussion etc.).
Ultimately though, my aim is to empower my students with the tools and skills to learn almost anything without having to rely on the support of a teacher.

Please contact me if you're interested in organising a session, I look forward to learning together!