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I am currently studying a bachelor of Finance in the Australian National university.
I have completed and can tutor FINM1001, ECON1101, STAT1008, BUSN1001.
I prefer a more interactive style of teaching that involves applying the information taught to real life situations. My goals of teaching the subjects involve getting my students interested in the subjects and increasing their efficiency and accuracy during test taking situations.

Also, if you are interested in investing in stocks, I can help with that as well.

I can tutor online across zoom/google hangouts/discord or in person at the ANU campus. If you want to bring a friend or peer to the tutoring session, I'll charge an additional $5 for every additional person.

$25 for 1 person
$30 for 2 people
$35 for 3 people etc...

Contact me on Student VIP if you are interested.





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