I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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GUARANTEED 70+ if you put in the effort (even for last-minute comers)!!!

Hi there, I am here to help you excel in your studies! I just graduated from Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) last December 2020 and am more than grateful to be able to score exceedingly well (averages of H2A-H1) in the subjects I tutor.

I can assist you with: weekly tutorial / workshop questions, mid-term exam preparations, assignments and final exam revisions. I will provide you tips to boost your grades!

My teaching style is flexible and tailored to cater your needs, here are the ways of how I can help you:
- Chunking down lecture materials in the most understandable way (to help you digest materials bit-by-bit) so you don't memorise a lot
- Providing step-by-step approach when solving tutorial / practice questions
- Let me know which concepts / topics you are struggling with and I will guide you in a simple approach tailored to your needs to promote your understanding effectively
- Highlighting proven vital tips to score the exams, attain high marks for assignment and mid-term exam
- Providing extra practice questions from previous semesters to better prepare you to face exams
- Providing crash course tuition for last-minute comers!

*) Available for both in-person (around campus / city / other areas) and online classes (through Zoom)
*) Might charge extra $5 for suburb areas due to PTV factor

I am available for consult in between lessons and will get back to you within 24 hours! Committed to serve my best and will not abandon you from start to end of the semester!


English, Indonesian