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Psychology Students! - I'm here to help. Online or in person - great value for your investment...

I've just completed my science degree (Psychology double major) to be commencing honours next semester. I reliably score in the 90th percentile and consistently provide tutoring to increase your marks beyond expectations.

I have experience tutoring students from diverse backgrounds, and I have experience as a uni mentor. My focus is on building a functional understanding of psychology through competence directed learning. I am efficient and effective. If there is some aspect of psychology you are struggling with I can help you to achieve a greater understanding. I can also help you to understand aspects of the university system to facilitate your best possible experience with the system.

I have also previously completed a Masters of Business Administration specializing in International Business, with Finance as my undergrad major. I have experience working in both the public and private sectors.

$35/hr if online
$45/hr if in person/on campus
$30/hr per person in groups of 2+

I can also provide a 5 minute break in the middle of the session if you require. This will not count towards your paid hour.

I will not help you with assignments or other marked material. I can help you with psychological concepts, the scientific method, the jamovi system, or other aspects of study, but I will not help you complete marked material. I will not respond to requests for me to complete assignments for you or to help you complete them.




Geoffrey helped me with unit PSYC3302. He has a great way of making you understand the concepts in a very simple way. He also brings along a positive attitude that makes the work a bit more interesting and very easy going! Would definitely recommend.

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