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Hey, I'm Ruvanya! :)

I'm a third-year Bachelor of Science student, majoring in Human Structure and Function. I have always loved tutoring and I hope to help you all in whatever way I can! I believe that every student is an individual and, with a tailored learning approach, each one can achieve success.

I have received an H1 standard for all the subjects I am offering, with my current WAM being above 83. With regards to classes, I'm happy to organise them over Zoom or in a University library at a mutually convenient time.

Whether you'd like help with lecture content, or would like to push yourself further with exam techniques and preparation, I'm determined to work to give you the support you need.

There are tips and tricks to succeed in any subject, and I'm keen to pass on what I've learnt so far. My classes will be a safe environment for you to ask questions and for us to work together to achieve your goals.

Please message me with any questions, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Subject results:
MIIM20001 (Principles of Microbiology & Immunology) - 94

ANAT20006 (Principles of Human Structure) - 90

MUSI20149 (Music Psychology) - 89

BLAW10001 (Principles of Business Law) - 88

PATH20001 (Exploring Human Disease) - 86

SCIE20001 (Thinking Scientifically) - 86

HPSC20002 (History of Nature) - 86

HPSC10001 (From Plato to Einstein) - 83

SCIE10004 (Human Sciences: From Cells to Societies) - 82




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