I'm a UNSW student studying Engineering.


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Hi, my name is James. I am a high-achieving 5th year Engineering (Mechanical)/ Science (Physics) student. I have previously worked as a tutor and demonstrator at UNSW for Higher Physics 1A and 1B (Phys1131 and Phys1231).

Why I Tutor:
I love teaching students who are passionate to learn engineering, science, and achieve improved results.

What I Offer:
Personalised and patient tutoring. I have tutored over 30 university students in science and engineering. In this timeframe, I have implemented methods to increase learning efficiency such as spaced repetition.

Exclusive access to course content including detailed notes, past tutorials and solutions, formula summary sheets, and more.

Ability to create an effective study program to make sure that you are prepared for midterms and finals.

Assignment help, I have achieved strong results in my assignments and reports, so I will be happy to provide my experience to ensure you can achieve your best.

Tutoring via Zoom or at the UNSW Library. If you are interested in having tutorials with me, please don't hesitate to send me a message.