I'm a Monash student studying Engineering.


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I am an engineering student at Monash University, looking to be a tutor specifically for ENG1005.
If you are not confident in your level in maths required for ENG1005 this is the right place for you. Throughout this unit, I noticed that many of peers of mine have struggled to keep up with the content. I want to try and make it look as simple, sound and logical as much as possible.

My teaching style will boil down to simplifying the seemingly difficult problems encountered in different topics of the unit into more understandable parts. I will try to impart some of the knowledge and tips that I acquired after practicing a lot, for many key topics.

Details about me:
Third year software engineer student
International student, from Mauritius
Scored above 90 in ENG1005 semester 2 2019

Details about tutoring sessions:

My first 30-minute session/consultation is not charged such that the student(s) and myself can get acquainted with each other. From there on, we can come up with the perfect learning strategy for the student(s), to maximise the chance of good communication and success.

Otherwise I charge $30/ hour for individuals and $25/ hour per student for 2+ students.
Tutoring would be carried out via Zoom or on-campus at Clayton(depending on COVID restrictions) at one of the libraries. However, another compromise could be found with the student if face-to-face approach is required and commute to clayton campus is not possible.


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