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My name is Kaveen and i am from Singapore currently residing in Australia, NSW.
I am currently enrolled in Bachelor of Professional Accounting in Macquarie University.
I love accounting and finance. I am currently researching a thesis for finance while progressing through my degree. I wish to be a Chartered Accountant in the mere future and grow my business.
From the age of 15, I have started tutoring fellow students accounting as it is a subject i can easily grasp and i help students to implore the world of accounting and finance by taking the puzzle approach, breaking information down piece by piece and assembling it again with a solid foundation. I personally believe a solid foundation is crucial to a person's learning as it is dangerous to start learning the intricate details of a topic without having a good set of fundamentals.

I am a flexible person and i am open to educating various students of culture and knowledge level. I am still learning and this world has much more to offer than a degree and as i continue to learn, i wish to share my knowledge with keen students who has the passion and desire to.



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