Hi, I'm Jen!

I'm a Adelaide student studying Business.


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----Online Classes now available | MBA/Business Mgmt/ Leadership/ Project Mgmt subjects only------
------Separate sessions for International and Distance Students, as per convenience ------

I am an experienced IT manager, with an Engineering as well as an MBA degree and with a proven record of achieving business outcomes. I believe in bringing out the best in people & giving back to the community. Along my full-time work, I also with Uni of Adelaide on a casual arrangement as a Tutor/Mentor.

I can adapt to your learning style and assist university students enrolled for coursework tutoring or Assignment help in :

- any of the MBA/Leadership subjects
Finance, Economics, Marketing, Leadership Fundamentals, Managment of Contemporary Organisation, Decision Making, Negotiation Skills, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Project Management
- any of the Business Management related topics.

Mutually convenient locations and Group Zoom Sessions preferred. $100/ hour for 2 students and $120/ hour for 3 students

Contact me for Coursework help, reflective writing, feedback, presentations and help with assignments with greater than 5000 word limit