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PhD graduate with 5 years experience teaching psychology and statistics to undergraduate classes, as well as private one-on-one tutoring sessions. Passionate about psychology and research, I am friendly and easy-going, with a knack for explaining complex topics in a simple way.

- Bachelor of Psychology (Hons I) - UNSW Sydney - 2013
- Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) - UNSW Sydney - 2019
- 5 years experience teaching psychology to classes of undergraduate students at UNSW, primarily in PSYC3001: Research Methods 3 and PSYC3051: Physiological Psychology.
- Completed a PhD in behavioural neuroscience and very knowledge about associative learning, animal psychology and models, neuroscience and the psychology of drugs and addiction.
- Experience tutoring students one-on-one for statistics
- Mentored honours students and interns in an animal laboratory, including assistance with thesis writing.



Phil possesses tremendous insight on PSYC3001 at UNSW. He is very knowledgeable and skilled at providing helpful explanations on concepts that many struggle with. Phil was also very quick to respond to queries and was able to adapt to my uni schedule. My tutoring sessions with Phil allowed me to achieve a very pleasing mark that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. I highly recommend his services to anyone doing PSYC3001!

Valeria, StudentVIP member
since February, 2021

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