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Dr Raymond
Hi !
I am Melbourne Doctor of Medicine graduate, currently working as a doctor in Northern Health, Melbourne. I am passionate about teaching and assisting you in passing your exams and achieving your goals.

My specialty is GAMSAT and medical interviews, achieving a score of 80, and 83 on 2 separate occasions in GAMSAT, and my having >98% of my students gaining a place in medicine after taking my interview courses.

About me:
- ATAR 99.90 (proof provided upon request)
- Currently a practising doctor at The Northern Hospital, Melbourne (surgical rotation)
- Graduated from the University of Melbourne, Doctor of Medicine (proof provided upon request)
- University Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and other Medical Science subjects, including for nursing and paramedic students
- Highly sought after during the past 5 years of GAMSAT tutoring/ medical interview assistance.
- Tutoring for all levels of high school English Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics (VCE, HSC and IB)
- Languages: Fluent Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese Chinese (tutorials can be provided in these languages upon request)
- Can do one on one, a small group of students

• 1 person: $85/hour session
• 2 people: $70/hour session

Medical Interviews:
• 1 person: $105/hour session
• 2 people: $80/hour session

◘ Discount:
• 1 extra session for free if pay for 10 sessions upfront

-------------My Teaching Philosophy-------------------

1- Theory
The first step to mastering the examination is to comprehensively understand and be able to manipulate the theoretical framework of the knowledge. With my extensive experience, I will tailor my curriculum according to each student's needs and ensure that the structured frameworks and models are well imprinted in the students' minds.

2 – Application
Each session, we will go through practice questions together to strengthen the knowledge foundation we have constructed. Students are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to 'wrestle' with the concept in order to increase understanding and build up their confidence. Afterwards, students will be given feedback and key takeway problems to work on.

3 – Mastery
After drilling and training with all levels of questions, students are advised to perform under exam conditions in order to simulate the test environment. By conditioning and familiarising students with the exam techniques, only then can they entirely 'master' the subject and perform to the best of their potential.

4. Mentorship
No matter how high the goal is, I am a passionate believer that every student, if given the correct guidance, and appropriate inspiration, can achieve the goals they set out in their minds. As someone who has been through the gruelling process of exam preparations over the years, as well as having extensive experience in teaching/ mentoring different students, I have amassed a great insight into the education system from the high school system to the university system. I firmly believe in inspiring students to step out of their comfort zones while providing the necessary guidance so their dream goals can be achieved.