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Hello, I am a Business Analytics student with a passion for knowledge,learnings and a desire to help others climb up the ladder and secure heights. Carrying professional experience in Business Analytics for 4 years, along with various relevant university internships have given me hands-on-experience in diverse subjects. I have completed my undergraduate as Bachelors in Engineering specializing in Information Technology. Graduating in 2020, securing a High Distinction my chosen core units.

Mentoring and tutoring being my hobby, where I love to work with others, I have been tutoring since my school days, being senior peer mentor in my undergrad, also in my workplace regularly. Carrying the trend forward, I am also Drop-In-Station Mentor for Faculty of Business and Law for more than an year, helping students from the time they enter university, till they graduate and even after that. Have personally mentored for 4 trimester, to more than 22 students in my groups and others as an when the come.

Throughout my journey in my career, I am of the belief that learning can be fun when we comprehend it from practical view, relating it to real-life. That is what exactly I implement when I tutor, making my peers, understand concepts, relate it to their learnings, and its most task done. Having experiences in Business Projects help me understand what is required in terms of Business outcomes.

I have tutored and mentored all Undergrads and Postgrads for more than an year and tutoring for all Bachelors in Business Analytics, Master in Business Analytics, Management Information Systems(specialization in Business Analytics) subjects. Currently tutoring for MIS772(Predictive Analytics) with Rapid-Miner and Advanced analytics in Excel, QlikView, MIS775(Decision Modelling for Business Analytics), MIS779(Decision Analytics in Practice) with tools like Tableau, Power BI and Artificial Intelligence.

Being involved in many Student Helping Students activities in University from being Orientation Ambassador, Student Central Ambassador, peer mentor for B&L, student representative in Academic and Integrity councils, member of DUSA, involved in Deakin Spark, Deakin Graduate Business Society.
For me, Uni life was always fun, and I would love to make your experience same as well.

The pay rates would differ as per subjects varying between $25-$30, per hr. I can also offer some discounts if you are coming in groups and are recurring students.
Would love working with you and together we can achieve.


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Ankita and I have been worked together on many university initiatives and were part of the Deakin mentoring team. She is a great team player and goes above and beyond to help everyone. Will highly recommend learning from her and talking to her about university experiences.

Somil, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020


Ankita is a very talented and knowledgeable tutor. She is very patient and supportive and has a very nice way about her. She came extremely prepared which impressed me. A pleasure to work with and definitely a class act.
She assisted me with Predictive Analytics and Decision Analytics/Modelling

Tanaka, StudentVIP member
since July, 2017


Ankita's professional approach to tutoring me has helped me immensely in understanding the content and how to go about the assignment. She is a very capable person with a solid understanding of Business Analytics. Would highly recommend her for tutoring!

Saad, StudentVIP member
since September, 2020


Ankita is one of the kindest and most helpful person I've come across. Her guidance and knowledge helped me with my queries and made things simpler for me. Her expertise and knowledge in the field of Business puts her in a position to provide guidance to others. I would definitely recommend her.

Rishijeet, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020


Ankita is a gem. I have studied and worked with Ankita. She is extremely knowledgeable and can explain the topics in a very easy manner. She has helped me with my studies and and assignments and I can assure she is one of the best in her field. She also has practical experience in Business Analytics which helps to make her approach even better as she can share her practical experience. She is a wonderful human being and an excellent person just to talk with. I would highly recommend.

Aneed, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020


Ankita is very knowledegable and excellent person.She has an ability to convery very complex material into a very simple and understandable manner. She is patient, consistent, engaging and fun. She has thorough knowledge of subjects and that shows while she explains any topic.Ankita, as a colleague has helped me and kept me motivated whenever i reached her for help. Can be over explaining sometimes. She has an ability to find weaknesses and works on them very effectively. Highly recommended.

Sumit, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020