I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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Highly passionate 2nd yr finance student who's been carrying his friends in all his units for free for too long.

Absolutely love mathematics, finance, and econometrics and have been assisting friends to hit those H1s and H2s since the start of uni.

If u want a laid back teacher who can calmly explain any issues and always willing to crack down on the harder problems HMU!

Down for a zoom call and when restrictions ease a lib sesh or even come to your house.

I dont discriminate between group and single rates so bring all the homies!!
(eg: If will tutor 20 of yall I'd charge the same $20, costing $1 for a hr sesh with unimelbs sickest finance student)

Any scores of interest:
PoF (fnce10002): 89%
Intro micro (econ10004): 84%
QM1 (econ10005): 80%

I may not be some out of this world genius like some of these dudes however I am someone who is able to level with you and be able to understand any major issues you have and tackle any problems head on.

My methodology:
- You send me the topics which you in struggle
- I prep my own slide shows with those notes and questions (before the tutoring session)
- I explain notes and work thru my examples
- I give you some time to practice and solve the problems

Why me over any other tutor on studentVIP/regular tutor:
- Unique questions/examples (I sourced thru previous students or questions I made myself that mirror ones that Asjeet/Howard often put in the exam)
- Personalized lect slides (that I send off to you after each session)
- Known track record of success (assisted my peers To achieving H1s on exam after H3ing the MST)
- Im no genius so I can level with you and understand where issues come from, however still knowledgeable enough to smash any hard hitting questions

Finance isn't hard! It isn't easy either! Its different and when you look at with a clear mind it just make sense!



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