Hi, I'm Macy!

I'm a USC student studying Health.


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Hi! I’m Macy and I’m in my final year of study at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I am studying a Bachelor of Paramedic Science and have excelled in paramedic specific courses. I like to teach hands on and interactively at students personal pace. Paramedical studies can become overwhelming and I know to go above and beyond, studying outside of class and with someone of more experience can help. I can provide you with assistance in any field of study (specifically paramedics) to help lift you to the standard you desire. I am flexible in learning areas and these can be discussed upon contacting me directly.
*for group tutoring (no more than 10) hourly rates are:
•$40 for 2
•$45 for 3
•$50 for 4
•$55 for 5
•$60 for 6
•$70 for 7
•$80 for 8+



Macy is an excellent student who is consistently at the top of her class and peers. She is a high achiever due to her work ethic and ability to simplify challenges associated with every subject she has completed. Macy is an exceptional tutor due to her ability to communicate, outstanding knowledge and understanding of complex topics. I strongly recommend her to anybody looking to achieve better grades and become more knowledgeable. Macy is a very kind and understanding person who will make anyone feel welcome and motivated in her judgement-͏fr͏e͏e sessions.

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since February, 2018