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Hello there! My name is Kevin.

I am currently in my 4th year of my Bachelors of Commerce and Psychology (Honours) with a current WAM of 81. (Finance Major)
I have tutored for several years from primary school all the way to uni using the same technique! Breaking difficult concepts down into simple and understandable pieces.

Check out the references below:
ASCT1001 - Finance 1A
Grade: 96 HD
I have tutored multiple students in this unit with maths not being their strongest point but all ended up with an overall grade of Distinction. So I think you can achieve it too!

ACST2001 - Financial Modelling
Grade: 90 HD
This unit is almost an extension of ACST2001 but 90% of the content being maths and algebra.
If this is a core unit and maths isn't your sharpest blade, my goal is to make you feel confident walking into the exam knowing you can solve for those Xs and while knowing Y.

AFIN3012 PACE: Issues in corporate finance
Grade: 85 HD
Being a capstone unit you will be exposed to advanced valuation methods and the extention of all financial concepts covered in previous units. This unit is approximately 50% theory and 50% mathematical. Understanding the theory is critical in solving problems.

If you are interested in any of these units feel free to contact me!




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