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I have my bachelor's degree in business management (and I minored in economics) from USYD. I worked as a teaching assistant in the economics department during college, and I was responsible for holding one-on-one review sessions for struggling students. I helped create visualizations and problem sets for the classroom as well. I also worked in the math department, supporting students in lower level classes as well as helping them to overcome any issues and misunderstandings of the subject. In addition, I worked for my university learning co-op tutoring business students. I also volunteered with an organization that paired math and commerce volunteers with middle and high school aged students who needed tutoring. My tutoring strengths are business, marketing, and economics topics. I'm a visual and logical learner, and I often draw visuals to help me figure out a problem I don't understand right away. This approach seems to really help the students I tutor. I try to draw on these methods of conveyance in order to construct a complete understanding of the core issues and content at hand. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, eating good food, traveling, and being outside.


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Bruce is an amazing tutor. He has helped me with my assignments, exams during my stay in uni. He has been such a great tutor and mentor, even when I have already graduated. He helped pull my grade from just passing to high distinctions. I highly recomment him!

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since August, 2020

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