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I am a recent graduate where I majored in Marketing and Business. I have experience tutoring several subjects, including ACT preparation, Math, and Marketing. In addition, for several summers, I have had the opportunity to intern at ANZ. I was also able to serve as a counselor at camps that the Center hosted. The attendees of the program were diverse in age and ranged in grades from elementary school through high school. My duties involved maintaining the student schedules, interacting with the parents, aiding any instructor as needed, and supervising camp activities. I was also able to tutor an intro Math class last summer. My job as a tutor required that I attended lectures and provided weekly or bi-weekly assistance at the Business Skills Center for students in the class. I had to think creatively as a tutor because many times I had to find different methods of explaining the material and concepts to the students. I also had to work to encourage students to seek answers on their own. When I am not working, I enjoy drawing and painting.




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