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My name is Viola and I am a scholarship PhD Psychology candidate at the University of Melbourne. I completed both my Honours and Bachelor of Science at UoM between the years of 2016-2020, during which I also spent one year studying abroad in South Korea!

My goal in life is to eventually teach at universities, so I am really passionate in helping other students reach the best marks that they can. I do tend to have a very hands on approach since I care so much, but I can definitely adjust it to better suit individuals' levels and needs. I've been privately tutoring for three years now and have experience in helping students with statistical and other psychological concepts, as well as essay/lab report proofreading. This is also my second year of being an official tutor within the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, therefore I have a good understanding of what is expected from different assessments and how to satisfy the marking criteria.

Although my main area of interest is social psychology and statistics, I am available to tutor and proofread any written work in the other psychology courses, as well. I have proficiency in SPSS and MATLAB, as well as some basic knowledge of R.

During the tutoring sessions, I help to consolidate ideas and clear ambiguity, as well as answer any questions students have on the material, course, and/or assessments. I am also available to have brainstorming consultations on how to approach assignments, such as how to structure things, what should/should not be included, linking concepts, and understanding the theories/main outcomes.

For my proofreading, I am VERY detailed: I not only correct grammar, writing flow, APA (I am a hardcore APA nerd!), and sentence structure, but also analyse what is actually being presented, whether it makes logical sense, and if you may have missed a vital point in the theory. I provide feedback using the Track Changes function in Word, allowing students to see every correction, comment, and any other feedback I may have for them. I am happy to provide samples of my proofreading, if interested.

I believe that learning is something that everyone learns (ironic) through time, and its just a matter of finding what works for you...which its what I hope to help you with! My grades significantly improved through time by learning helpful techniques which I am very keen to share with others.

These are the Psychology subjects I have taken during my undergraduate:
2016 - Mind, Brain & Behaviour 1 (PSYC10003): 76
2016 - Mind, Brain & Behaviour 2 (PSYC10004): 87
2017 - Biological Psychology (PSYC20006): 84
2017 - Developmental Psychology (PSYC20008): 89
2017 - Cognitive Psychology (PSYC20007): 85
2017 - Personality and Social Psychology (PSYC20009): 85
2017 - Social and Emotional Development (PSYC30016): 86
2018 - Research Methods for Human Inquiry (PSYC30013): 90
2018 - The Psychopathology Of Everyday Life (PSYC30014): 86
2018 - Psychological Science: Theory & Practice (PSYC30021): 90

These are the Psychology subjects I have taken during my honours:
2020 - Advanced Design and Data Analysis (PSYC40005): 93
2020 - Theories and Professional Practice (PSYC40006): 88
2020 - Models of Psychological Processes (PSYC40012): 91
2020 - Current Topics in Social Psychology (PSYC40002): 91

Depending on the circumstances/subject, different things can be arranged for sessions. Usually they will either be held on Zoom, in the UoM libraries, or the Redmond Barry building.

My rates are $50/ph and $50/1000 words. Max of a 3 day turnaround. Since my feedback is very detailed, it is recommended that any assignments are not given to me the night before they are due (this is mainly to avoid overwhelming students!). For proofreading relating to theses/research projects, please contact me for rates.


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Viola has a direct approach to tutoring that works well for perfecting written work. Her experience with tutoring and academic excellence as a student allows her to know what markers will look for, which helped me to manage the limited time I had efficiently. Viola's passion for sharing her understanding of academic content makes her an engaging teacher, and she will ensure that you understand key concepts well. Overall, Viola will help push you to achieve your best while maintaining academic integrity and tailoring her tutoring style to you.

Naomi, StudentVIP member
since September, 2014


Viola is an amazing tutor and has been a life saver for me this semester! She is so considerate and knowledgeable, and her fun presence always helps you feel at ease. Her lab report feedback is very thorough and allows you to focus on specific areas to improve and build on. I highly recommend her services as a tutor. Thanks so much Viola! 😊

Stephanie, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019


Viola has been a wonderful help to me this semester! Her feedback is extremely detailed and she goes above and beyond in making sure that you feel confident with the task. She is very prompt at responding to queries and is friendly and approachable. I could not recommend her assistance enough for both lab report feedback and tutoring sessions!

Ella, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


Viola is a great tutor who is reliable and provides detailed and helpful feedback. I was really nervous about the unit, but she helped me make it through.

Hye Rim, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Viola is a fantastic tutor who is so easy to get along with. She provides thorough feedback and puts effort in to help you understand the content. She will always challenge you to do better and help build your knowledge and skills. Viola always responds promptly and is always on time with things. If it was not for her I would have been lost within my course so far, and I am forever grateful.

Nathan, StudentVIP member
since March, 2021

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