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I have a PhD in neuroscience and extensive experience writing and editing academic and biomedical content. I provide writing and editing services to clients in the academic, nonprofit, biomedical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors and have experience writing and editing a wide variety of content, including white papers, grant applications, educational materials, fact sheets, web content, and blog posts.

I believe that the most important skills a science writer can possess are the ability to quickly research and understand information and to communicate that information clearly and concisely. Not only does my background as a neuroscientist provide a strong knowledge base for scientific writing, it also makes me an expert researcher and communicator. As a freelance science writer, I am able to apply the skills I gained during my scientific training to quickly understand, synthesize, and communicate information.

In addition to my expert writing skills, I also have expertise in a number of mental health topics including drug addiction, depression, anxiety, Parkinson's Disease, Tourette's Syndrome, and ADHD, among others. I also have experience in advanced statistics and data analysis including multivariate regression, ANOVA, and bootstrapping.

I am experienced in meeting tight turnaround deadlines, performing rush work, and finding answers in a hurry.
I create high-quality, original and engaging content with great care and dedication, making sure that every piece of content is meet the stipulated Criteria. Aside from making content from scratch, I will also proofread and upgrade your content to the highest possible level.

-Planning and writing Essays
-Proofreading and Editing
-Research paper and Theses
-In-depth feedback on drafts (essays)
- Understanding lecture content
- Revision and exam prep
- General advice on how to get that HD




I've had some guidance from Martin to unpack and understand how to go about with my assignment, and what to include in it. He's really responsive, kind, and easy to communicate with!! He knows his contents and it was easy to learn from him!! 100% would recommend

ABDULLAHI, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020


A top-notch Nursing tutor. I have had Martin proof-read my assignments over the past year and he has helped me achieve amazing results. He has also been happy to tutor me and help me understand concepts that I had difficulty with, including second and third year statistics, PYB309 Individual Differences and PYB306 Psychopathology.
I have always recommended him to fellow students in class whenever they ask me about the results of my work. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is either struggling with psychology units or just wants confidence in their work and an extra push for that extra few % in a mark :)

Marie, StudentVIP member
since April, 2020


He IS THE LAST MINUTE SAVIOR. I would highly recommend him as a tutor. He recently helped me with a statistics assignment (PSYC3010) and I received great feedback and suggestions. He also replied quickly and got the assignment back to me within a few hours. Definitely worth the money! :)

Piona, StudentVIP member
since April, 2020


martin's masterful command of his craft, teaching, becomes apparent I had my first two lessons with him this week after initially approaching him for help on my upcoming ECON1002 final exam. he saved me from bad grade. I cant wait to hire him again. Additionally,Martin is a very knowledgeable and reliable tutor. Whether you are in your first year or final year of law, he makes tutoring seamless by providing services online. He is very responsive and gives constructive feedback. Initially, I was very hesitant at the idea of tutoring online but my overall knowledge and score at University has improved after completing one session with hIM.

Martin, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020


Experienced and responsive tutor. Highly responsible for student progress. Assist student in clarifying understanding and also develop the student's confidence. Good and patient. Extremely impressed.

Martin, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020


I couldn't recommend Martin enough! He has a wealth of knowledge and breaks hard concepts down into easy terms. He has a very non-judgemental and understanding approach and helps in every way he can. I found all our tutoring sessions invaluable!!

Lakeshahill78, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020


HIGHLY RECOMMEND :) Martin is completely worth the money! I could not recommend him higher! I went from feeling in procrastination and anxiety-mode to feeling like I CAN pass this course and can always ask someone who is a GENIUS at tutoring to help me with SO MUCH MORE EASE! Why didn't I do this sooner? Am definitely going to consult again if I find myself procrastinating or anxious. He communicates so easily, gave me exactly what I wanted out of the session, and I am amazed at what can be done in an hour! If you've invested so much in doing university already, why not spend a little bit to feel confident in what you're doing and there is someone to actually help you? Do it for yourself!

Joe, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020


He is a great tutor! I found Chem difficult as some concepts were hard to grasp. He took his time to ensure that all the concepts were explained thoroughly so that I gained a great understanding. I ended up with a Distinction at the end of the semester!

Luciah, StudentVIP member
since November, 2019


George is an amazing tutor! He helped me create fantastic outlines for assessments, making it super easy to comprehend and finish. He also guided me in studying for my exams, great or small. I wouldn't have chosen any other tutor. On top of that, he's super easy-going, kind, and considerate. He would make a remarkable tutor for anyone. I highly recommend any student for his services

GRACE, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020

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