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I have a Ph.D. degree in Cognitive Science from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. I have 9 years of research experience in Neuroscience. I have done research in a variety of fields from cellular and molecular neuroscience to brain imaging (fMRI) related to different cognitive functions like language and memory. Hence, I can help you understand complex Neuroscience concepts in your textbooks and articles. I have experience in Tutoring Neuroscience at Macquarie University. I can help you write your assignments and lab reports more efficiently (including EMOTIV EEG experiments, etc.).

I am available for online Tutoring, seven days a week in the afternoon. I tutor the major Neuroscience textbooks (e.g. the books written by Purves or Kandel, etc.) to University students. The sessions can be structured based on the student's requirements. The students can let me know about the main areas that they need more support with, before each session. Hence, the next session will be more focused on those areas. Otherwise, I can summarize and teach one chapter in each session. Hence you will not need to read the whole chapter from the textbook because I summarize it for you. I am personally very enthusiastic about Neuroscience. My enthusiasm has always been encouraging to my students. I have a very positive personality and try to foster confidence in my students. I am also very patient in repeating and explaining complex concepts until they are completely clear. I cater my price to my student's budget so we can have a long term relationship. If you require, I also offer an introductory session for free.



Haleh, has been my tutor for a few months now. Easily the best I have had, she is calm patient and understanding of my questions, as I'm an online student, I need to be able to ask questions and have things explained to me as I work through my assignments. I feel more confident now and look forward to our tutoring. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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since August, 2020