Hi, I'm Sreeparna!

I'm a UQ student studying Science.


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My hourly rate is 30$/hr.
I am a third year undergraduate student studying BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE at the University of Queensland. I am also member of the refugee tutoring club and tutor high school biology, english and chemistry to refugee students.

I have got a grade of 7 (95%) for BIOM3020 (Integrative Endocrinology), BIOL3003 (advanced immunology) and NUTR1023 and a grade of 6 (~80%) for the rest of the subjects listed.

I would be glad to help you with your ASSIGNMENTS- be it scientific report writing, presentations, in class examinations or the statistics involved to analyse data. (Proficient in Ms Excel and GraphPad Prism).
I have got more than 90% in almost all reports and essays in second and third year (I can use them as an example while tutoring too :).
Getting help in something as simple as structuring a report could elevate your marks as well.

I have done very well in the END OF SEMESTER exams for the courses listed and would be more than happy to help you understand the lectures as well as preparing efficiently for the exam without overwhelming yourself with content. I have concise as well as detailed notes on the courses listed that I could use to help you with too.

Given the current situation, I am happy to tutor over Zoom, messenger or Skype. I am fine with tutoring at university, your place or my place as well.


English, Bengali, Hindi


Sreeparna is an excellent tutor I had asked her to help me with BIOL1020 and BIOL1040 courses and she made some difficult content super easy to understand which really helped me during my exams. She is always on time with the schedule and sticks to the time. I also found her diligent and hardworking and always ready to help her students out whenever needed!

Bonnie, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020


I would highly recommend Sreeparna. I have just had one class with her and she is amazing. She taught me it with a lot of patience and had clarity in what she was teaching which I haven't found in anyone else so far. She made sure to follow up with me and help me finish my assignment on time and I am sure I will do very well.

Avinash, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020