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Hello, my name is Jordan and I am a recent graduate that majored in English and Writing. My focus and strong points are in the creative writing sectors. If you need a little help with your creative piece in any form may it be poetry, novel writing, or short creative pieces look no further! I can also accompany you in your essay writing, analysis, and MLA referencing and citations. If you are an international student I also offer general English conversation and critique for you to master the subtle nuances of the language. Do not hesitate to ask if there is something I have not covered in my bio, I am more than willing to to accompany you!

Unfortunately, I have moved to Sydney so I wont be taking any more in-person tutoring sessions at Newcastle. If you are in Sydney, do let me know. Alternatively, I still offer online services :)

Every student has specific needs and I will aid to try and tutor you based on them. I will work alongside you and guide you to the right path. ^^


We can do it in duos or small groups but preferably working with a single person is much more efficient so I can focus on your strong points better :)

Thanks for viewing my bio!


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