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MORE THAN 1000 STUDENTS TAUGHT! Are you having difficulty completing your Accounting and Finance courses at university? You do not need to worry anymore! Make the most of the expertise of a TOP Accounting and Finance graduate from the University of Sydney! Expert tutor with over seven years of experience tutoring students in Australia, the United States, Canada, and Europe! Proven track record: https://www.fiverr.com/grittins https://studentvip.com.au/tutors/14327/farhan LEARN the MOST EFFECTIVE tricks, tips, and practice procedures! DISTINCTION minimum guaranteed! Students will be taught according to their unique needs through a customised program. Offering one-to-one or group tutoring services in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Portfolio Theory and Derivatives. Numerous discounts are available for individual and group sessions. Despite your worries, you can achieve your dreams of succeeding at university!




Farhan is a reliable and credible tutor. He is very passionate about accounting and finance and explains concepts very thoroughly and concisely. Farhan is also very kind and supportive and I could not have achieved the results I was looking for without his exemplary teaching. I recommend this individual to anyone struggling with accounting concept, ideas and problem solving. For anyone wondering for my performance - I received a DN for the course he assisted me in Thanks Farhan, best wishes in the future!

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since February, 2020

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