Hi, I'm Adian!

I'm a UWA student studying Science.


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Do you need help wrapping your head around complex anatomical or physiological concepts? From appreciating how cells work, to how neurons communicate with each other, to how your heart pumps blood around your body, I can work with you to really understand these fundamental concepts in a simplified but wholly scientific way. Maybe you have a good grasp of the concepts, but just have a bit of trouble answering those exam questions or writing those assignments? As part of my teaching experience, I’ve marked hundreds of assignments and exams, and I can help teach you how to approach these questions to minimise silly mistakes and maximise your marks. I’m currently in my third year of postgraduate medicine at UWA. Prior to this, I completed my Bachelor of Science in 2012, my Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2013, obtaining First Class and the highest mark in my cohort, and my PhD in Physiology in 2019, all at UWA. I’ve been a university tutor for the past seven years, helping students in units at every level of their undergraduate degrees. I also have experience supervising students undertaking larger research projects. I’m passionate about not only helping students succeed academically, but also developing lifelong skills that stay relevant no matter what career they choose to pursue. In addition to all that, I can also help with proofreading, scientific writing (lab reports, journal articles, research proposals), understanding statistics, as well as those all-important “soft skills” like presenting and public speaking. I’m patient, relaxed, and very responsive. I actively encourage the students I work with to be engaged and ask as many questions as they need. I’m here to help you get the most out of your education. I’m available to meet at uni, or anywhere nearby if that’s more convenient. Looking forward to hearing from you!