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Hey guys, I am planning to study Secondary Teaching in the coming year, but graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Advanced Science (w/ Honours) majoring in Chemistry from UOW. I always excelled in Chemistry by focussing on the bigger picture and maximising the use of my time, rather than trying to retain absolutely everything from the lecture. I have a passion for teaching and tutored extensively throughout my degree, while also laboratory demonstrating during my final Honours year. Since graduating, I have 4 years of industry experience that has solidified my knowledge and my teaching style by training a large number of people from a variety of backgrounds.

My main aim is to explain and help you understand the fundamental concepts of Chemistry, as it is something many people struggle with. For example, many people attempt to rote-learn concepts in Organic Chemistry, and come undone by trying to remember so many different reaction pathways and names. Instead, I teach and explain a way of understanding and answering questions from “First Principles” that can be applied to an extensive array of problems and help solidify any further knowledge.

I am always open to helping with all manner of assignments, whether it be tutorials, workshops or longer form reports. I am constantly trying to make my teaching style work for you, and will be available for email advice outside of our hours.

Especially in the current situation, I am offering only online sessions, but I have a tablet setup that allows for me to draw on the screen and stream it with you, and send everything through to you at the end of the session. If you have a group or need longer sessions, I’m more than willing to negotiate a cheaper price.



Chemistry can be an intimidating subject but Myles is highly skilled at articulating a broad range of complex subject matter in an easily digestible format. He is patient and clear in his approach and takes care to ensure you have a good understanding of course material before proceeding onto more complicated topics. If you are looking to refine your understanding of chemistry, particularly if chemistry is largely foreign to you, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mark, StudentVIP member
since July, 2019


I would definitely recommend Myles. I have no background or knowledge in Chemistry at all, yet I've had one tutorial with him and he has already boosted my confidence and knowledge and I am going to continue using him this semester to help with my CHEM1111 unit!
He's very patient and understanding and explains things very clearly!

Meg, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


Can highly recommend Myles! Great at explaining everything and took the time to go through everything I was struggling to understand.

Pascale, StudentVIP member
since January, 2018