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I'm a UniMelb student studying Engineering.


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CoVid Update: Now offering ONLINE classes. Material provided ONLINE through my personal Learning repository; hosted in Microsoft One-Note (No need to download/own the program).

Hello everyone! Hola a todos! My name is Carlos (i bet you've never heard this name). I am an experienced teacher from Madrid (so i have a really "neutral" accent) who is available to teach Spanish in any way you desire! As a proof english proficiency, I am currently studying Engineering, Neuroscience & Computer Science at The University of Melbourne and achieved a high TOEFL score.

I have more than 4 years of experience teaching, as a private tutor or/and as a language tutor with english speakers. I have also taught students from Unimelb who were taking Spanish courses!.

I am offering lessons for any level, so from basic spanish to advanced/professional/academic spanish. I know how to fix the common mistakes made by english native speakers. I'll give you plenty of tricks to easily understand how to shift between english and spanish syntaxes.

The methodology of the lessons depends on each student. It can be fully conversational and natural or structured and step-by-step. I have my own learning material, but i'm happy to follow yours if you are simultaneously studying and you want to reinforce your Spanish.

My aim is to offer a fair price (for me and you) for the lessons, so the price will depend on how many hours per week you wish to attend. (As I customise the content for each student). Please do not hesitate to send me a message with your goals (hours per week/level of spanish/way of learning).

Classes are held preferably at The University of Melbourne (I can book private project rooms). State Library Victoria is another option. I can go to your place if it's not far away from Fitzroy Area. I am VERY flexible with the timetable. I will share my Weekly schedule with you and you will decide when you would like to have the class!

If you want to learn Spanish with someone else it is also possible (of course this would lower the price per person.).

I speak French if English is not your mother tongue!

For any other enquiries please contact me :)

If you did not like the class, first lesson is for free!

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