Hi, I'm Christopher! VERY RESPONSIVE

I'm a Adelaide student studying IT.


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Hi, I'm Chris. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide in my second year with a 6.5/7 GPA.

I have been programming for a few years now and am happy to help out with fixing errors and debugging as well as explaining programming concepts. I am also able to tutor maths whether you are studying Maths IA, IB or IM.

With the current health situation, I am happy to tutor over Skype or similar platforms, whatever suits you.

If you would like help as a group, I will charge $25/hour for individuals and $30/hour for a group session.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Past Results:
HD - Mathematics IA
HD - Mathematics IB
HD - Programming (MATLAB and C)
HD - Object Oriented Programming
HD - Grand Challenges in Computer Science
D - Introduction to Software Engineering
D - Introductory Accounting
C - Puzzle Based Learning




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