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Hi, I'm Jon.

I'm currently in my Honours year in Psychology and I have a wonderful passion for statistical methods. A consequence of said passion includes statistical and cognitive modelling, considerations of statistical and scientific inference and philosophical considerations of the tools used to conduct inference. I have tutored my friends and younger students ever since high school and will adapt myself to how you want to learn.

I was the recipient of the 2019 Quantitative Methods Award for obtaining the best overall result for 2018 PSYC30013 RMHI. I understand that the subject has since shifted to using R instead of SPSS in conducting statistical analyses which is a decision I am extremely glad about. R has been a dominant part of my workflow (i.e., analyses or writeups) for about 2 years and I would love the chance to help someone out.

This may be too specific, but I absolutely recognise the feeling of being thoroughly overwhelmed when you try questioning yourself on what exactly you've learnt and whether or not what matters is the exam in the end or your own personal development. I would love the opportunity to listen to your troubles and share some discussions to see if we can work it out together. Forewarning, I don't hold back on cliches.

If it matters at all my 3rd year Psych WAM was a 89.25.




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