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I have completed the applied finance and accounting degree and am currently studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) level 1 exam. I am also undertaking a Master of Applied Economics at Macquarie University.

During my Bachelors degree, I have developed skills to help students learn and understanding content and revising for exams. I have achieved distinction or above for all the subjects i have offered to tutor for and will help you achieve a higher mark. I will help you learn the concepts that you need to know to improve your knowledge of the subjects to achieve your goal of passing a subject or to aiming at distinctions and above.

$50 per hour
$75 for 1.5 hours
$100 for 2 hours

Can do groups as well. ( minimum 2)
$30 per person




Hayder is an excellent and patient tutor, who really strives to help you achieve your very best in each subject. He is great at breaking down complex ideas into understandable chunks. Highly Recommended!

Basem, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020


Hayder has a very good grasp of both Finance and Accounting and is able to explain concepts to aid in understanding

Harsh, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020

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