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First Class University of Adelaide Honours graduate in Politics. I also completed a Politics Major, English Major and Philosophy Minor during my Bachelor's degree.

Focussing on close examinations of course readings and landmark texts, I will support your learning journey by providing a recently experienced understanding of your coursework. My teaching style provides the perfect opportunity to focus on your studies by highlighting each week's engaging content.

I provide tutoring for first-year and most second-year courses within my specialisations. Please feel more than welcome to enquire at any time.

Through a strong relationship with the campus, our union, and staff at The University of Adelaide during my four years of study, I can provide added value to support Adelaide University students in their academic pursuits and interests.

Preference for tutoring at The University of Adelaide, North Terrace campus, or northern CBD residence. I have also become familiar with tutoring online- out of necessity!

Groups of 2+ charged at a rate of $25/hour. Happy to negotiate for larger groups and can organise room bookings on campus.


English (beginner to native)


Lazaras is someone I met through university, and I've witnessed firsthand the amazing way with words he has. Not only is he patient and able to engage in well worded discussion, his ability to manage projects is something that goes beyond simple book learning. If you receive help from him, it is comprehensive, and not just because of his knowledgebase, but further his ability to research and adapt in the unlikely event he doesn't have the inherent expertise you require.

Not the kind of person to just chuck you a few old study notes, he will help you systematically and is able to communicate effectively so as to ascertain your needs and thus how best to help you. The only way you could go wrong is by not enlisting his help should you need it- if you're here, rest assured that your search has ended.

Ashley, StudentVIP member
since January, 2015


I've known Lazaras for the better part of four years, and can attest that he is a genuinely thoughtful, kind, and helpful tutor. He has personally helped me in my studies numerous times (despite us studying in entirely different fields) with access and knowledge of research, connections within Adelaide Uni, and his incredible insight into political and philosophical issues.

As an Adelaide Graduate Award ambassador, Don Dunstan Foundation project officer volunteer, and former Global IQ Connect mentor, Laz is committed to supporting students as well as the university community.

Annika, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020

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