Hi, I'm Nathan!

I'm a QUT student studying Health.


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Hello, my name is Nathan and I just graduated from the bachelor of behavioural science. and I'm currently completing my psychology honours. I have also previously completed an applied science (chemistry) degree at QUT. Once completed, I plan on taking my studies further through the research doctorate pathway. I'm truly fascinated by everything to do with the human psyche and its implications on the greater human condition.

Everyone learns differently, and I believe it's a tutor's responsibility to find what works for each person.

I can offer assistance in the following areas:

- I am happy to proof read assignments and provide feedback if you send them to me. We can also have sessions by zoom if preferred for any of the following areas of assistance.

- The preparation and refinement of research assignments, essays and lab reports.

- How to research effectively and cover all bases when constructing an argument or position.

- Understanding of content covered in lectures and tutorials.

- Exam preparation, aid in memorisation and deeper understanding of concepts.

- Understanding stats, which is almost never easy (or fun) even for the best of us.

- I am happy to proof read any assignments that are not part of psychology but fall under the bracket of history, biology and chemistry.

I am happy to tutor at KG campus, or depending on where you live, I would be also happy to meet at a local cafe or library if that would make things easier for you. A comfortable setting can go a long way in fostering a productive study session :)

The first session together I like to offer an extra 20min for free, if you are interested. There's bound to be some time taken getting to know each other and what exactly you're after, and I don't want time to run out before the most is made out of the session.

I am also happy to tutor more than one person at a time;
2 people @ $25pp
3 people @ $20pp
4+ people @ $15pp


English, some Japanese, very basic Italian.


I worked with Nathan for Semester 2 of 2020 for PYB110. To be frank, I was terrified of the unit and riddled with anxiety, but having Nathan as a tutor 100% alleviated that! I'm really happy with how I have gone in the unit as he was always helpful and willing to clarify things when I needed further explanation. I'll be going back to him for help with the next two statistics units!

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