I'm a USYD student studying IT.


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Officially employed by UNSW as a professional computing tutor for 5 years. Taught classes of ~20 students/~250 students total over 5 years.

UNSW Co-op Scholar graduated with first class honours (82 WAM, 4.0 GPA), I have been working professionally as a software engineer for 6 years in Java, Python, C, C++ and Bash. I am currently employed by an Australian startup unicorn.

I am an excellent communicator, having been a project lead for a Sydney based software company. Part of this role was teaching and training junior software engineers. I can explain concepts clearly to help you understand programming, but I know from many years of experience, that the best way to get better at programming is practice. A focus of my teaching style is many small practical tasks and examples to illustrate and properly understand the concept being taught.

I run COMP2017 & COMP2123 tutoring sessions for 2020 semester 1 on usyd campus on Saturday mornings from 9:30am. Price is $40 per person per hour. Contact me for details.

Otherwise price is $60/hr for one-on-one sessions.

For $30, I am also able to do a review of your assignment code (e.g. for robots or battleships or the python tree assignment). I will point out any mistakes or bugs that I see, suggest improvements and make recommendations on how to approach certain problems.

Please contact me for any questions.