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Hi there, I am currently studying Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie and am in my 2nd year.

PSY104 and PSY105
I enjoy learning psychology. My favourite part is applying it to my daily life and see theories in books come to life. I immensely enjoyed the statistics in PSY104 and PSY105, receiving a distinction in both. I hope that I can make statistics enjoyable for you as well. I can help you with the weekly content, be it psychological theories or statistics, I am happy to meet you on campus or on a video call.

FRN122 and FRN123
I have a passion for languages among which French is my favourite. I have completed FRN122 and FRN123 at Macquarie receiving 87 and 97 respectively.
As your tutor for these units, I will help you with grammar concepts and vocabulary weekly as per the schedule of the unit or according to your own schedule. I can help you with grammar, speaking and writing. I am happy to meet you on campus or on a video call.


English, French, Hindi, German


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