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Hi there! I'm Brandon, an aspiring psychologist! I've recently completed all my undergraduate psychology subjects with a WAM of 94. I have extensive experience in both formal and informal tutoring. My greatest strength is my adaptability - I will shift my teaching styles/focus to cater specifically to your needs.

I will be able to proofread all your assignments, lab reports, and essays. I will provide a commentary on your Grammar, Spelling, Flow of Logic, Narrative Structure, Expression, as well as APA formatting/referencing. My rates for proofreading and commentary are $40/1000 words and $65/2000 words.

The exam period can be stressful, especially if you have to cram all the content in 3 days! Here, I can help you out. I have consistently achieved 90+ scores on psychology, even with little time to prepare. I can explain difficult concepts in much simpler and intuitive terms, and I will provide you with a "content narrative" to help you memorise the content. I will also provide all my students with free, comprehensive notes that I used to revise for 2nd semester 2nd year and all 3rd year psychology subjects. For these sessions, my rates are $40/hour.

I also speak fluent Mandarin, and I will be able to tutor in Chinese.

As reference, here are my marks for the psychology subjects I've undertaken:

Mind, Brain & Behaviour 1 (PSYC10003): 93
Mind, Brain & Behaviour 2 (PSYC10004): 97
Biological Psychology (PSYC20006): 94
Developmental Psychology (PSYC20008): 92
Cognitive Psychology (PSYC20007): 95
Personality and Social Psychology (PSYC20009): 92
Research Methods for Human Inquiry (PSYC30013): 94
Psychopathology of Everyday Life: (PSYC30014): 97
Trends in Personality & Social Psychology (PSYC30022): 99
Psychological Science: Theory & Practice (PSYC30021): 87


English, Mandarin


I received help from Brandon with assignment proofreading and my experience with him has been great as I find him to be someone who is very easy to talk to, humorous and gives very comprehensive feedbacks!

Brandon not only helped me to see areas where I can improve on (such as grammar, flow of logic, essay structure, APA formatting etc.), but also helped me to see how well I addressed each section of the marking criteria.

He is also able to understand my struggle as a non-native english speaker, and gives recommendations on ways in which I can convey my ideas more precisely.

I would definitely recommend him as a tutor and look forward to work with him again!

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