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A Doctor from India, and a PhD at IHBI, QUT, in Regenerative Medicine addressing Human Bone Cancer, novel treatments and bone regeneration for such patients. Love teaching .
I gave up my own busy clinical practice to pursue my passion in medical research. I absolutely love teaching medical/biological science concepts and share the wonders of life on this planet and how we are so intertwined with them for our survival and health.
I also have a passion and flair for the English language ( IELTS 8.0 ), and love to help students with learning the language.
My philosophy about teaching is to always make the concepts clear enough to be able to visualize and picture them in mind. This is essential when learning about biological science subjects, where learning by rote never helps the student.
However, be it Biology, English, Medicine or even religion and philosophy ( anybody interested in knowing the origins of YOGA ?? :-D ), I try and avoid tutoring with a book, paper and pen in hand. I prefer to teach through conversations, anecdotes, storytelling, analogies, audiovisual resources etc. I am the kind of person who'd introduce an inquisitive kid to the phenomena of Light Diffraction by walking on the seashore and asking him/her why the ocean is blue, or the kind who'd talk about evolutionary theory while taking a look at the dinosaur fossils in Brisbane Science Museum. This much I can promise, anything I teach will leave a crystal-clear concept in the student's mind for ever. And the satisfaction of helping to nurture and develop a bright mind.., well, now that's the icing on the cake, isn't it ?? :-)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Masters in Medical Science & Technology
Doctoral Student
Author of published journal articles.

Year 12 completed in 2004.
Mark achieved: 86.00.
Currently studying Doctor of Philosophy at QUT.

Reading anything and writing blogs.
Travelling and exploring nature


English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam


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