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Hello! I am currently a third-year undergraduate student studying Actuarial Studies at the University of Melbourne.
I will be offering my tutoring service during summer school in several subjects for you to achieve those H1s.

I am offering tuitions in the following subjects:
- Introductory Macroeconomics - 88
- Intermediate Microeconomics - 95 (Full marks in Exam)
(Familiar with Sem 1 2020 content)
- Intermediate Macroeconomics - 95
- Financial Mathematics 1 - 95
- Probability
- Statistics - 85

I have extensive tutoring experience in the past. I have tutored high school students in the past, and have been tutoring Introductory Macroeconomics and probability for over a year now.

My lessons are really relaxed. My aim is to help you guys to fully understand the underlying concepts.
I am an easy going and patient individual, so I don't mind explaining the theories a lot of time if you didn't understand it the first time.

I am very attentive to detail, so I am able to specifically tailor my teaching style to each student, and help each one of them to tackle their weaknesses.

I use a combination of resources that will enable you to succeed in the subjects you are studying. This includes the lecture slides, tutorials as well as high-quality notes I prepared myself.

The rate will be $50/hour for individuals and $30/hour for 2+ per person.

Feel free to shoot me a message and we can arrange a lesson close to the University or near the CBD!


English, Chinese(Mandarin)


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